How to become Jouzu: the ultimate guide to conversational Japanese

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Welcome to Jouzu Speak! At Jouzu Speak, we're committed to helping you learn and master Japanese. Our resources will guide you towards a level of fluency where you will enjoy our app, Jouzu Speak.

The power of input

Mastering a new language like Japanese isn't about speaking from day one. It's about immersion. It's about enhancing your input through consistent listening and reading. It's about allowing the language to become a part of you. Consider this your foundational stage. As you absorb more and more, your 'output ceiling', that is your capacity to speak, rises.

Building your instinct

Imagine how you'd learn new lyrics of a song. Let the Japanese phrases play on a loop in your mind till they become part of your cognitive wiring. By immersing in a Japanese environment, you'll develop an instinct for the language.

Mastering the language journey

The right strategic learning makes the path to language skill manageable and exciting. The core strategy is to first understand the language before attempting to speak it. At first, it might feels like climbing a steep hill as you confront a 'comprehension barrier'. Immerse yourself by investing about 500 hours in reading and listening. You'll soon find yourself binging on Japanese Netflix shows and YouTube clips.

It's at this threshold when you'll be ready to make the most with our conversational app, Jouzu Speak

We've gathered a list of helpful resources for you to explore

  • For a step-by-step guide on learning Japanese, check out JapaneseLevelUp

  • For more learning tools, look at this GitHub site: Awesome Japanese, and Jo-Mako's Guide here

  • Try Refold for language learning roadmap. They don't cover "kanji", so you might want to learn those on the side

Fasten your seat belts, as the exciting journey to the world of Jouzu Speak begins now!